American Idol

Hell yes! David Cook won!
Either way I would have been happy because I'm a Archuleta fan also, but David Cook is who I really loved. He's just so... uber. >.<

Anyway, I screamed when I saw the results and I no longer have to worry about it anymore. I can't freaking wait for his album to come out though, I know it will be awesome.
Moving on to this afternoon though, I went Ice Skating, and it was great. I use to skate all the time, but I quit for 2 or 3 years and It was great to get back into the rink.
I feel so graceful and confident when I'm on the ice. It must have shone too because this guy who was practicing there started showing off and flirting with me. He was pretty good looking and asked for my number, which I gave him. His name was Jason, and he was really nice. He bought me a hot chocolate and he gave me a kiss on the cheek before he left.

So not really, but I did see a hot guy at the rink and he seemed to be showing off a lot and smiling at me. Or it might have just been my imagination.
God damn my imagination.


My life in general.

I'm a romantic person, a hopelessly romantic person. I'm also a writer, and I find myself more intrigued by the life and alter egos I've created in my head than myself and the characters I put onto paper. Life just seems so much better when I romanticize it in my brain, and it sounds more poetic. When I try to attempt the same fluidity of speech and stories in my head it just doesn't come out the same way. I guess I should continue this post by explaining more about myself in general though before I further into the woes of my life.

My name is Elle if you hadn't noticed yet, short for Eleanor. I live in California, and I'm in the middle of my teen years. I have quite a few friends who I love to death and quite a few who I don't really like at all. But that explanation is for another time when it’s not 2am, and I don't have a ton of emotional baggage.

Moving on, in the past two years I have learned that I am Bi-sexual, and I like hanging with the guys more than the girls. I have a very obsessive personality, whether it’s with my candy or fictional characters, I am a very tidy person and never let things get out of place.Things that make me crazy, but I still do them.

It's interesting and hard for me in many ways to try and explain to myself what problems I have. But then again, It's probably the same way for many people.

Well, thats all I'm going to cover for right now as my brain is now mush. To bad....